CD2-FITC, SFCI3Pt2H9, 100 Tests, CE, IVD

Product No:6602389

The CD2 antigen (LFA-2) is a monomeric 50 kDa glycoprotein. It was formerly described as the sheep red blood cell receptor, causing T-cell rosetting, and has been identified as the ligand for CD58 (LFA-3). It is also a receptor for CD48, CD59 and CD15, which binds to the multimeric form of CD2. CD2 is present on the majority of normal human peripheral blood T lymphocytes and a high percentage of NK cells. It is also expressed by all thymocytes.

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity CD2
Other Names CD2, CD58 Ligand, LFA-2, Sheep red blood cell rosettes
Fluorochrome FITC
Regulatory Status IVD, CE, Japan IVD
Size 100 Tests
Format Freeze-dried
Flow Product Line coulter clone
Clone SFCI3Pt2H9
Isotype IgG1 Mouse
Clone Description SFCI3Pt2H9 inhibits sheep erythrocyte rosette formation. It has been used as a CD2 reference monoclonal antibody during HLDA 6 (ref.6T-CD2.6).
Cross Reactivity Cynomolgus Monkey, Indian Rhesus, Hamadyras Baboon, Capuchin Monkey, Olive Baboon, Common Marmoset, Squirrel Monkey

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