DURActive Features

Reliability for the 1st crucial step in cellular activation assays 

Functional assays such as induction of cytokine expression typically involve time-critical thawing of frozen stimulation cocktails and liquid handling of very small volumes. DURActive stimulation kits make laborious and error-prone preparation of the stimulation mixes unnecessary because they come in a dry, ready-to-use, 1-test format, stable at room temperature.

DURActive stimulation kits contain optimally dosed physiologically active compounds provided as unitized single tests in 12 x 75 mm tube format.

  • Pre-formulated mixes containing 2-3 active compounds
  • Unitized, dry, Beckman Coulter proprietary format
  • Expert-proven dosing
  • 25 tests/package


A safe and complete solution  

DURActive tubes can be handled outside the laboratory hood, as they contain only non-hazardous amounts of the stimulating agents—and no organic solvents. Obtain optimal results in your functional T cell studies by staining with PerFix-nc (B31167) and using dry, pre-formulated DURAClone IF T Activation (B88649) and IF T Helper Cell (C04666) panels.

Streamlined workflows 

DURActive tubes contain a layer with the dried-down stimulation mix of 2 to 3 active compounds at an optimal, expert-verified dose. By eliminating freezing, thawing, diluting and pipetting of the stimulation mixes, DURActive tubes can significantly shorten workflows and help reduce variability.