DURAClone RE CTC Tube, 15 Tests, RUO

Product No:C75112

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are believed to carry valuable information on their solid tumor origin. Before molecular analysis of CTCs can unfold its power, the extremely rare CTCs need to be isolated at highest possible cellular integrity, making cell sorting a promising approach.

The DURAClone RE CTC Tube consists of ready-to-use tubes containing a mix of 3 antibodies conjugated to fluorochrome (Cytokeratin-FITC, CD326 (EpCAM)-APC and CD45-PC7) and a viability dye (DAPI). The DURAClone RE CTC Tube requires the use of the PerFix CTC permeabilization buffer to allow detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). To allow detection of very rare events such as CTCs, large sample volumes of whole blood from 1 to 5 mL can be processed. The tube can be used for cellular analysis and cell sorting experiments.

The selected antibody conjugate configuration does not require compensation.

Specificity Fluorochrome Clone (Isotype)
Cytokeratin FITC J1B3 (IgG1 Mouse)
CD45 PC7 J33 (IgG1 Mouse)
CD326 (EpCAM) APC VU1D9 (IgG1 Mouse)
DAPI n.a. n.a.

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity CD45, Cytokeratin, CD326, DAPI
Fluorochrome PC7, FITC, APC
Regulatory Status RUO
Format DURA Innovations
Flow Product Line 086
Clone J33|J1B3|VU1D9
Isotype IgG1
Kit Components 15 tubes containing the 4 color antibody panel, ready-to-use

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