PerFix CTC Kit, 15 Tests, RUO

Product No:C75118

The PerFix CTC Kit streamlines sensitive detection of very rare cells in whole blood. Together with the DURAClone RE CTC Tube, rare Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) can be readily identified which are believed to carry valuable information on their solid tumor origin. PerFix CTC facilitates molecular analysis of single CTCs as it enables cell sorting with high cellular recovery and integrity.

  • 1 wash step only, lowers risk of losing rare cells
  • Single staining step for intra- and extracellular antigens shortens turn-around time
  • Scalable use for whole blood volumes from 1 to 5 ml
  • Complete solution - no further washing, measuring or fixing buffers needed
  • Can be used for phenotypic analysis and sorting with high intact DNA yield for further molecular analysis
  • Stored at room temperature

Product Specifications

Regulatory Status RUO
Format Liquid
Flow Product Line 032
Kit Components Fixative Buffer: 1 vial, Permeabilizing Buffer: 4 vials, Final 10X Solution (1 vial)

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