DURAClone IM Phenotyping Basic Principle of the Panel Design


 Specificity  Purpose Clone Fluorochrome Laser Filter
 CD45 Leukocyte gating  J33 Krome Orange 405nm 525/40
 CD3 T cell lineage UCHT1 APC-Alexa Flour 750 638 nm 763/43*
 CD4 T Helper cell lineage 13B8.2 APC 638 nm 660/10
 CD8 Cytotoxic T cell lineage B9.11 Alexa Fluor 700 638 nm 712/25
 CD19 B cell lineage  J3-119 ECD (PE-Texas Red) 488 nm 610/20
 CD14 Monocyte lineage  RM052 PE-Cy7 488 nm 763/43*
 CD16  NK cell lineage  3G8 FITC 488 nm 525/40
 CD56  NK cell lineage  N901 PE 488 nm 585/42

*Also detectable in 780/60 bandpass used in the CytoFlex and several of the CytoFLEX S series instruments.