DURAClone IF T Helper Kit Example Data

Example Data in Kaluza Analysis File (download)


Analysis of T Helper cell populations in stimulated human blood using DURActive 1 (PMA, Ionomycin, Befeldin A) and DURAClone IF T Helper kit


Analysis of Activated T Helper Cells.  Human blood from an apparent healthy donor was treated with DURActive 1 containing PMA, Ionomycin, and Brefeldin A (Part Number C11101). Cells were then processed with Perfix-nc Cellular Staining Preparation Kit (Part Number B10825) and stained with the DURAClone IF T Helper Cell panel (Part Number C04666) following the protocol in the Instructions for Use.  Data was acquired using the CytoFLEX LX N-V-B-Y-R-I Series Flow Cytometer and analyzed with Kaluza Analysis software. An exemplary gating strategy is shown.


Kaluza Analysis Tree Plot comparing expression levels of IFN gamma, IL17A and IL-4 in T Helper Cell populations


Kaluza Analysis Tree Plot Comparison. The Tree plot shown in the gating example was created to compare IFNγ+, IL-17A+ and IL-4+ expression across all CD3+C/D4+ T cells.