DURActive 1, 25 Tests, RUO

Product No:C11101

Dry Stimulation Mixes for Immune Functional Assays. Phorbol-Myristate-acetate (PMA) and Ionomycin are broad cellular activators of human leukocytes. Brefeldin A blocks Golgi-apparatus-mediated secretion. A mix of these 3 compounds strongly activates leukocytes and traps newly synthesized biomolecules (e.g. cytokines) inside the cell, hence it can serve e.g. as positive control for leukocyte (ligand-specific) functional assays and as a nonspecific activator in leukocyte functional subtyping experiments.

The DurActive stimulation kits contain optimally dosed physiologically active compounds provided as unitized single tests in 12x75 mm tube format.

Product Specifications

Specificity Phorbol-Myristate-acetate (PMA) / Ionomycin / Brefeldin A
Regulatory Status RUO
Size 25 Tests
Format Dry
Flow Product Line DURAClone

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