DelsaMax Series

No Longer Available for Purchase

The DelsaMax product line is no longer available for purchase. This applies to all instrument configurations including:

  • DelsaMax PRO Zeta Potential Dynamic Light Scattering Analyzer (B29164)
  • DelsaMax ASSIST Cell Pressurization System (B29192)
  • DelsaMax CORE Light Scattering Analyzer (B29186)
  • DelsaMax PRO Ship Kit (B34546)

We will continue to provide full service support to our existing DelsaMax customers.

For additional information around the most versatile, rigorous and accurate means for determining the molecular weight, hydrodynamic and thermodynamic properties of proteins or other macromolecules get to know the Optima AUC.

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Incredible Speed

  • Two simultaneous detection systems for rapid measurement
  • Size and zeta potential in as little as one second
  • Instant cross checking
  • 32 simultaneous measurement lowers run time

Precision & Accuracy

  • Edit data points or “flyers” without re-running samples
  • Easily overlay results to check for consistency and accuracy

Unrivaled Reliability

  • Get up to 10 protein measurements per sample with no sample degradation
  • Parallel, independent measuring systems offer instant cross-checking
  • Easily overlay results to check for consistency and accuracy

Optimal setup & distribution

  • Proprietary “normalization” algorithm provides robust distributions
  • Optimized autocorrelation function selects the particles of interest.

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