DelsaMax Features

The DelsaMax Series is no longer available for purchase. Please consider Beckman Coulter's other particle characterization instruments.

The DelsaMax Series of Light Scatter Analyzers offer incredible speed, reliability and precision for particle and nanoparticle characterization. Each instrument allows you to gain valuable insight into your samples through non-destructive testing of even the smallest quantities of materials.
DelsaMax are a family of instruments that utilize light scattering detection in order to determine the size distribution of particles within a sample population.
Light scattering is a highly sensitive technique that is biased by larger particles which makes it very useful for detecting particle aggregation and sample contamination. It is important to note that Light scattering, like Laser Diffraction, is an “ensemble” technique which does not measure individual particles but determines the size distribution within the population.
Whatever your needs there is a DelsaMax instrument for you.
DelsaMax PRO: Simultaneous Dynamic Light Scatter and Zeta Potential determination.
DelsaMax CORE: Static and Dynamic Light Scatter for size and molecular weight analysis.


  • Dynamic and Static Light Scattering Detection
  • Rapid, non-destructive Zeta Potential analysis
  • Lowest sample volumes available as little as 1 μL needed for size analysis
  • Intuitive easy to use software


  • Protein Stability Analysis
  • Formulation testing
  • Nanoparticle characterization Liposome and Exosome analysis
  • Polymer and macromolecule analysis
  • Aggregation detection 


DelsaMax PRO Zeta Potential Dynamic Light Scattering Analyzer

The DelsaMax PRO allows simultaneous analysis of both particle size and zeta potential from sample volumes as small as 45 μL, in as little as one second.The DelsaMax™ PRO utilizes Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS, sometimes referred to as Quasi-elastic Light Scattering QELS) to determine molecular size simultaneously with Phase Analysis Light Scatter (PALS) to determine Zeta Potential.The incredible speed of the DelsaMax PRO comes in part from its 32 detector array which allows sensitive detection of particle motion in response to the applied electric field.The rapid detection helps prevent sample degradation that can occur in other slower Zeta potential instruments due to the prolonged exposure of the sample to intense electric fields.The DelsaMax PRO also utilizes a flow cell system requiring only 170 μL of sample and can be used in-line with industry standard auto-samplers for analysis of multiple formulation samples.
For challenging samples with high electrical conductivity that are prone to generating bubbles, the DelsaMax PRO can be used in conjunction with the DelsaMax ASSIST module.


DelsaMax ASSIST Cell Pressurization System

The DelsaMax ASSIST is an optional accessory for use with the DelsaMax PRO system when performing Zeta Potential measurements.
The DelsaMax ASSIST reduces bubbling in the sample solution by pressurizing the flow cell >30 fold above atmospheric pressure to reduce bubbles which can cause signal interference.
This is particularly useful for highly conductive samples or those requiring large voltages (low charge materials) which are prone to generating bubbles under high current.


Designed for precision and accuracy, DelsaMax software features an intuitive interface with fully customizable autocorrelation analysis, a proprietary “normalization” algorithm and more.
License free so can be installed on multiple computers for off-line data analysis.
Allows remote network control of multiple instruments.