Biomek i7 Hybrid NGS Workstation

Product No:C23340

The Biomek i7 Hybrid NGS Workstation is an ideal platform for medium to high-throughput laboratories looking to automate NGS sample prep workflows including all steps involved from extraction through library construction. Multi-channel and Span 8 pipetting are included to maximize flexibility and efficiency for full and partial plate processing. Standard on-deck process control elements such as shakers, peltiers and optional thermocyclers, enable significant reductions in hands-on time while also increasing throughput, productivity, efficiency. The industry leading Biomek software provides technology that enables Beckman Application Scientists and customers to create simple, yet comprehensive methods with unmatched intelligence and flexibility. A repository of demonstrated NGS methods is available. Each method comes standard with intuitive User Interfaces and tools like Deck OptixTM to better ensure accurate setup and reduce costly errors.

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek i7 Dual Arm Multi 96 and Span 8
Environmental Conditions Maximum altitude: 2000 m
Installation Category II
Power Requirements 10 A, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Material(s) Aluminum Chassis, ABS Cover, Acrylic Panels
Finish High-gloss paint, Hardcoat anodized coating
Weight 225 kg(496 lb)
Width 170 cm(66.9 in)
Depth 81 cm(31.9 in)
Height 104 cm(40.9 in)
Package Quantity 1
Humidity Restrictions 20%–85% (non-condensing) at 30°C

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