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Biomek FXᴾ Automated Workstation

Flexibility for your high throughput workflow

Biomek FXP provides the speed and performance critical to today’s research environments. The flexible platform is available in single and dual pipetting head models combining multichannel (96 or 384) and Span-8 pipetting. Ideal for high throughput workflows, Biomek FXP accelerates laboratory processing, and is easy to update or integrate as your research needs evolve.

Choose a Biomek FXP Model


Versatile Workspace

Flexible Pipetting and Workflow Management

  • Multiple single- and dual-arm configurations available using Multichannel heads (96/384/Pin tool) with gripper and/or Span-8 pipetting
  • Parallel processing on dual-arm systems
  • Disposable & fixed Biomek tips (including septum piercing)
  • Transfer volumes from 0.5 µL - 5,000 µL
  • 8 channel liquid-level sensing 
  • Supports labware from tubes to 1,536-well microplates
  • Accurate intra-well pipetting

Simple System Operation

  • Easily automate existing processes
  • Powered by icon-based software with data tracking & LIMS connectivity
  • Extend walkaway operation with process management & scheduling software
  • Guided system setup
  • Automated deck framing
  • Data-driven method operations including hit-picking & normalization
  • Light curtain safety feature

Application-focused Solutions

  • Consultative workflow analysis
  • Expert application and technical support
  • Biomek-automated demonstrated methods & capabilities for genomic, drug discovery & basic research workflows

Product Specifications

Minimum Table Support Requirements 92.00|77.00|cm (139.7 cm min height requirement)
Sterile No
Operating System Windows® 7
Software Biomek software, SAMI EX scheduling software, Biomek PowerPack software, Biomek Method Launcher, DART 2.0 software
Display 22" controller screen
Operating Modes Semi-automated, manual, controlled by operator
Item Specifications Referenced A31844


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