Biomek FXᴾ Automated Workstation

No Longer Available for Purchase

The Biomek FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation product line is no longer available for purchase. This applies to all instrument configurations including:

  • Biomek FXP Single Arm System and Single Multichannel Pipettor (A31842)
  • Biomek FXP Single Arm System with Span-8 Pipettor (A31843)
  • Biomek FXP Dual Arm System, Multichannel Pipettor and Span-8 Pipettors (A31844)
  • Biomek FXP Dual Arm System with Dual Multichannel Pipettors (A31845)

We will continue to provide full service support to our Biomek FXP customers. This includes the consumables and supplies, service and maintenance, training, hardware accessories, device integrations, and software extensions that maximize the utilization of your existing instruments. One such example is the recently released Biomek 4.2 software that enables Windows® 10 functionality for Biomek FXP instruments.

Since the introduction of the Biomek 1000 over 30 years ago, Beckman Coulter has continued to innovate new automation solutions to accelerate scientific discoveries. The Biomek i-Series—with improved capacity, flexibility and usability—represents the latest step in this evolution. Most existing Biomek methods can be adapted to the new i-Series Workstations, and we’re confident you’ll benefit from the new platform enhancements if you choose to upgrade to an i-Series workstation, like the Biomek i5, the Biomek i7, or an integrated system.

Please utilize the links below or contact your local sales representative for more information.

Interested in an Upgrade? Explore Biomek Automated Workstations

Biomek Genomic Workstations

 Biomek Genomic Workstations

Automate your genomic workflow and simplify intensive pipetting.

  • Extraction
  • qPCR/PCR setup
  • NGS library construction
  • Microarray target prep

Biomek i7 Automated Workstation

Biomek i7  Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

Deck capacity: 45 MTP positions.
Pipetting head options:

  • Multichannel-96
  • Multichannel-384
  • Dual Multichannel
  • Span-8
  • Hybrid (Multichannel & Span-8)

Biomek i5 Automated Workstation

Biomek i5  Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

  • Ideal for medium- to high-throughput workflows
  • 25 deck positions
  • 0.5 µL-1,000 µL (Multichannel) or 0.5 µL-5,000 µL (Span-8) pipetting volume ranges
  • Single Multichannel head (96/384) or Span-8 pipetting with gripper

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Biomek FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation as a Tool for Discovering Targets & Compounds for Host-Directed Influenza Therapy Authors: Markus Lesch, Project Manager, Center for Systems Biomedicine, Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH. Falkensee, Germany, Alexander Karlas, Senior Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany. Published: 2015
Automated Directional RNASeq Library Preparation using the Biomek FXP Liquid Handler We describe the automation of the New England Biolabs NEBNext (Registered trademark) Ultra Directional RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina on the Beckman Coulter Biomek FXP automated liquid handler.
High Throughput TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Construction on the Biomek FXP Authors: Zach Smith and Scott D. Michaels - The Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics - Indiana University | Mary Blair - Life Science Division Beckman Coulter - Indianapolis, IN | Published 2013
High-Throughput Illumina® TruSeq® Nano DNA Library Construction on the Biomek FXP Dual-Arm Multi-96 and Span-8 Workstation The manual preparation of large numbers of sequencing libraries, which can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, is a bottleneck for many laboratories
Automated 3D Cell Culture and Screening by Imaging and Flow Cytometry Three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures offer greater physiological relevance than monolayer cultures for cellular interaction studies and compound screens