Kaluza for Gallios

Simplify and speed up your data acquisition

Flow cytometry experiments may be complex, but setting them up doesn’t have to be hard. Kaluza for Gallios makes it easy to spend more time on research and discovery and less time getting your flow experiments up and running.

  • Built on the strong, innovative foundation of Kaluza Analysis Software
  • Power through datasets containing multiple colors, plots and events
  • Kaluza for Gallios makes the most of the data generated
  • Author Kaluza protocols and worklists for the Gallios flow cytometer
  • Free offline software download
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  • Set up a 10-color experiment quickly.
  • Change voltages and compensation quickly, accurately and intuitively.
  • Create compensation matrices with ease using compensation wizard.
  • Create gates and access editing tools with innovative radial menu that keeps mouse clicks to a minimum.
  • Load files into Kaluza for Gallios Analysis Software for more in-depth analysis.
  • Configure, load and walk away with flexible carousel control.
  • Create a protocol with one click using the “Add All Plots” feature.


  • Save your files to where you specify with no database to impact performance.
  • Learn quickly and easily with simple user interface.
  • Reconfigure your workspace with auto-layout feature for easy plot creation and sizing, zoom
  • in/out, and guided drag and drop.
  • Understand what is happening to your experiment and cytometer with visual management tools.
  • Make a mistake? Undo it, with unlimited undo.
  • Set voltages and compensation while in Setup Mode, then acquire data.
  • Provide as much or as little sample information as you like before running an experiment.


  • Utilizes eight times higher event limit than existing Gallios software.
  • Integrate Kaluza for Gallios into your existing lab tools with standard FCS 3.1 files.
  • Use offline software to create protocols and worklists to make your instrument time more productive.
  • Use Gallios Simulator to train on the use of the instrument so you don’t have to run a live experiment every time you train.
  • Cleanse on Close means that the cytometer will be ready for action the next morning.
  • Have a Gallios? No problem—Kaluza for Gallios will read Gallios protocols.
  • Join the Kaluza for Gallios community: User forum to share stories and ask questions.


Uncompromising quality and reliability for multi-file, high-content data analysis–

  • Worry-free analysis
  • If you crash it, we want to know!

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