AQUIOS Designer Software

How do you automate your user-defined tests?

What would it mean to the productivity of your flow cytometry laboratory if you could automate your most routine, repetitive tasks? Together with the AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometry System, the AQUIOS Designer Software allows you to automate the reagent combinations you need for your user-defined assays.

AQUIOS Designer Software with AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometry System allows for:

  • The creation of user-defined applications to be run on an instrument that combines sample preparation and flow cytometry analysis in one platform
  • Automated sample preparation adapted to your assay requirements
  • Barcoded user-defined reagent combinations
  • Data analysis and automated tracking of QC functionalities

All in one compact platform, and tailored to your specific needs.


Create User-Defined Protocols and Panels

  • Set up your user-defined protocols, acquisition templates, panels, compensation settings, and statistic / QC parameters.
  • Easy access to all functions via pull-down menus or slider bars

Adapt Sample Preparation to Your Specific Needs

  • Each step in the sample preparation process (volumes, incubation times, and mix cycles) can be adapted to your specific requirements.
  • Supports the use of different lysing options

Barcoded Reagents and Full QC

  • Reagents are provided either through our Contract Manufacturing (GMP) or Custom Design* Services of user-defined reagents.
  • Either option provides barcoded and cap-pierceable vials that can be run on the AQUIOS CL instrument with automated tracking of all QC functionalities

Bidirectional LIS Connectivity

  • Like AQUIOS System Software, ADS supports direct LIS connectivity without needing additional software or a workstation.

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