Instrument Manager

In today’s clinical laboratory productivity and data quality are key. Interfacing laboratory instruments with the laboratory information system (LIS) and workstations eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces transcription errors, both factors can negatively impact productivity and data quality.

By partnering with Data Innovations and by using the industry-leading Instrument Manager application—in combination with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences instruments—we’ve created a workflow from order to result distribution without the need for manual data entry or transcription.


  • Robust instrument and LIS connectivity
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved data quality

Robust Connectivity

Instrument manager provides a rich set of standard-based (e.g., ASTM / CLSI, HL7) and non-standard-based connectivity to LIS and instruments, enabling an open and expansive (enterprise) lab ecosystem.

Enhanced Productivity

Instrument manager reduces or completely obsoletes the need for manual data entry and transcription, thereby improving data quality, reducing data entry errors and improving productivity.

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