Dimension Reduction Suite


Summary visualization and statistical tests accessible in one platform

Tired of having to copy-paste values between different software to test for statistical significance? If you need a tool that provides a quick overview of your results, identifying statistically relevant differences between samples, everything within your analysis software, join the Cytobank platform and move from event-level data to summary statistics in a few clicks.


Visually Explore Differences Between Groups

Bar charts, Box plots, Violin plots, Line and Summary dot plots and Dimension-Annotated Heatmaps, now available directly in the Illustration Editor, will allow you to easily summarize your meaningful results.

Any changes you make to your gating strategy will automatically propagate through to your summary charts.

Visually Explore Differences Between Groups 

Assess Statistical Significance Directly In Your Illustration

You can now access Student’s T test, ANOVA, Wilcoxon signed-ranks, Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis statistical tests to evaluate p-values for significant differences among groups. Don’t wait until analysis is complete to check if that difference is significant!

Easy–to-interpret graphs and a comprehensive report table will allow you to get the most out of your results.


Easily Titrate Your Antibodies and Calculate Stain Index

Determining the correct concentration or titer of antibody to use in your experiment is a critical quality control parameter. Summary Charts and our new Stain Index visualization enable you to directly see how stain index and fluorescence intensities change.

Annotate your files with Reagent and Dosage tags, gate on positive and negative populations and build your Illustration. No exporting steps are required.

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The Cytobank platform is a cloud-based single-cell analysis solution for high-dimensional data, visual data management and controlled sharing.

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Introduction to the statistical inference tools in the Cytobank platform

Learn more how one solution provides you a quick overview of your results and helps you identifying statistically relevant differences between samples.