Dimension Reduction Suite

New, faster algorithms for dimensionality reduction

Join the Cytobank platform and access the computational power of the cloud; use faster implementations of dimensionality reduction algorithms with no need for powerful desktop hardware or programming skills


  • UMAP

    Widely believed to preserve global structure better than other solutions, UMAP has been adopted by many researchers. Join the team and analyze up to 10M events using GPU-UMAP much more quickly than you could have done using viSNE.

  • tSNE -CUDA

    Happy with your results but you need to run more events in less time? tSNE-CUDA solves your problem. Run up to 10M events in less than an hour * and get the SNE maps you’re familiar with. Capture even subtle differences within cellular subsets

  • Opt-SNE

    Don’t want to spend time finding better settings but still want high quality results? opt-SNE enables optimal data resolution in t-SNE space and precise data interpretation by automating the selection of settings. Start your run with up to 3M events.

    * time might vary depending on dataset

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Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms: How to Choose

Read this Application Note to learn few tips on how to choose the right algorithm for your dataset.