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An improved autocompensation wizard allows for easier data QC

Have you wished for a more flexible interface to quickly judge and optimize the compensation applied to your experiments?

Join the Cytobank platform and test the improved autocompensation feature to automatically create your compensation matrix and access an interactive interface to make real-time adjustments.

More Flexibility to Adjust Your Compensation Matrix

  • Automatic gating identification for cleanup plots and single stains
  • Interactive cleanup plots
  • New pairwise compensation plot view
  • Compensation Sliders to quickly adjust compensation values
  • Adjustable positive and negative gates in single-stain plots
  • Flexibility with Export and Import functions
  • Fast recalculation of compensation matrix
 Compensation Matrix


An Introduction to the Tool

In this video an application scientist - here at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences - shows you how to compensate your data in the Cytobank platform.


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Introduction to autocompensation tools in the Cytobank platform

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