DROP (Data to Results Optimization Portal)

The investigation of biological systems often requires the use of multiple technologies to understand states and processes throughout different components of organisms and their cells. These technologies produce data in a format similar to cytometry: a familiar numerical matrix with the relative quantity of a biological marker being measured (proteins, RNA, DNA, clinical variables) for different observations (cells, samples, patients). DROP (Data to Results Optimization Portal) enables you to import any numeric data in the format of a spreadsheet / numeric matrix for analysis by automating its conversion into an FCS file within Cytobank.

Many of Cytobank’s tools and workflows for automated data analysis typically reserved for cytometry are also effective for the analysis of other data, such as those derived from DNA, RNA, imaging, clinical information, other protein measurements, metabolomics, etc. What’s more, this analysis is effective in both single cells and bulk cell mixtures

Use DROP to analyze bulk data using Cytobank platform algorithms

Analyze bulk data in Cytobank. A) Run viSNE on bulk data. Each dot represents one patient, and plots are colored by discrete and continuous variables including treatment arm, age, and marker. B) Combine bulk and single cell data in tabular format and run SPADE or viSNE to assess correlation of variables across both data types.

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.