Quality Control

  1. Perform Daily QC:
    1. Prepare the QC beads:
      Add 1mL of deionized water to 12 x 75mm sample tube. Thoroughly mix bottle of CytoFlex Daily QC Fluorospheres and add three drops to the sample tube and vortex. Diluted beads can be stored at 2-8°C in dark for up to 5 days.
    2. Select Start QC/Standardization for the QC/Standardization Menu. Ensure that the QC bead lot number is selectable in the Lot No. drop down menu.
      Note: If the lot number is not selectable, then download the lot specific Target File from Beckman.com website by following the steps in Download Target File section.
    3. Initialize the system if it has gone into Standby mode then insert the prepared sample tube into the tube holder. Select correct lot number form the Lot.No.
      drop-down and select Start.
      Note: QC may take several minutes. During QC, the software automatically seeks the Cytoflex Daily QC Fluorospheres and computes the results. The results are displayed and saved automatically once it is completed.
      • Green icons in the Result section indicate Pass.
      • Red icons in the Result section indicate Fail.
      Note: The minimum flow rate for the QC fluorospheres is 100 events/ second. If sampling rate is too low, add one drop of Cytoflex daily QC Fluorospheres to the sample tube and repeat QC.
      1. If QC fails, select Daily Clean and Prime from the Cytometer menu, follow the prompts and repeat QC. If QC fails two times in a row on the same day, contact your Beckman Coulter Representative.
    4. Select ‘Close QC/Standardization’ under File menu to exit the QC/Standardization module.
  2. Download Target File:
    From Beckman.com home page, navigate to Shop and Products>Reagents>Flow Cytometry Reagents>Fluorospheres and Quality Control. Select CytoFlex Daily QC Fluorospheres product and click Download Target Files.
  3. Import Target File:
    While in the QC/Standardization mode select Target Library under the Settings menu and select Import. Navigate to the target value file and select Open and then select Close.
  4. In the Search By Product section of the screen, select the following:
    1. Select Research & Discovery from the Market Segment drop-down menu.
    2. Select Flow Cytometry from the Product Line drop-down menu.
    3. Select Instruments from the Product Series drop-down menu.
    4. Select CytoFLEX from the Product drop-down menu.
    5. Select CytoFLEX QC Fluorospheres Target Values from the Software Name drop-down menu.
    6. Select English from the Language drop-down menu.

      Select the Cytoflex QC Fluorospheres Target Values for correct lot number of Daily QC Fluorospheres and then select Download and save to desired file path or USB drive.