Instrument Support Videos

Join James McCracken,PhD, product manager for the CytoFLEX SRT, for an introduction to sorting nanoscale particles with cell sorters. James will review general tips for sorting and analyzing nanoscale particles, which can help you obtain quality data. Additionally, he will present applications and proof-of-concept experiments conducted in customer labs using the CytoFLEX SRT cell sorter.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn tips for sample evaluation and instrument settings
  • View proof-of-concept data from a variety of materials

James McCracken has over 20 years of experience in flow cytometry and is currently the Product Manager for cell sorters at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. James has broad background in Flow Cytometry, initially a tool used in his graduate research then as a shared resourced facility manager, with specific expertise in cell sorting. He later joined the Beckman Coulter Team supporting customer training for sorters and analyzers. In his current role as the Product Manager, he takes great enjoyment from understanding what he can do to make more pleasant and intuitive instruments. 

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