Automation Technology

Sort Calibration Schematic

Sort Stream Setup and Maintenance

A hallmark of our approach to flow cytometry is to use smart design and software engineering to design in rigor and best practices to simplify the complexities. The CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter embodies this in the automation features for setting up and maintaining the sort stream, traditionally one of the more complex aspects of cell sorting.

Auto-stream Setup and Maintenance

Sort Calibration allows the system to achieve an optimal droplet break-off point, optimal side stream settings, and generate the drop delay value automatically (auto drop delay). If the software detects stream instability that cannot be restored by the Auto Maintain function within 1 minute, the Auto Recovery function is initiated.

Droplet calibration

System automatically scans the frequency and amplitude to form an optimal droplet.

Side Stream Calibration

After completing the droplet calibration, the system sequentially calibrates charge phase, charge voltage, and defining automatically for each sort stream. Detectors also keep the waste stream vertical.

Auto Maintain

Measures the pixel number, will change the voltage to the piezo to adjust the droplet formation, maintaining the drop delay


If the software detects stream instability which cannot be restored by the Auto Maintain function within 1 minute, Auto Maintain will be turned off and the system starts the Auto Recovery function.

In Auto Recovery, the system sequentially stops the sample flow, extends out the waste catcher, and starts Flow Cell De-bubble. If Auto Recovery succeeds, the system re-enters the Auto Maintain state and restarts sorting automatically. If Auto Recovery fails, the sorting stops, and user intervention is required, for example, cleaning the nozzle holder, performing sort calibration.