CytExpert SRT Software Release Notes

CytExpert SRT 1.2.10004 Software Release Notes

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New Features
  1. Application Programming Interface (API) Capability

With version 1.2 CytoFLEX SRT now has API functions to allow third party software on the same computer to remotely control sorting. Users can program actions from other integrated devices to allow for removal of plates at the end of a sort and loading of new plates to continue sorting. The client program can also be notified when a sort has completed, or the CytoFLEX SRT instrument state changes and requires user intervention.

Bug Fixes
  1. Failure to install CytExpert SRT due to the McAfee raising a false malicious software alert.
  2. The user is not prompted "The stop criteria may prevent the automatic stop on sorting" when performing a multi-stream tube sort (One of the streams sets the target number to unlimited).
  3. The statistics data is inconsistent with the exported statistics data.
  4. The CSV file exported from the statistical table is not correct if the experiment name incudes the "," (CSV separator).
  5. Made the sample mixing functionality configurable per tube.
  6. Smaller bug fixes for serviceability and usability.

CytExpert SRT Software Release Notes

(from version

New Features
  1. User Management Functions

Users now have 2 options for CytExpert SRT installation. Default mode allows direct use of the software with no need for a username and password. User Management mode requires users to log in and tracks these log-in events.

User Management Administrators can also create user accounts and assign roles to users. Roles can be used to limit access to some system functions such as modifying QC targets, modifying configurations, or changing delay settings.

  1. Operation Logs

CytExpert SRT with User Management installation provides three operation logs to track and export information about Experiments, System functions, and User Management functions.

Experiment logs note when experiment files are created, opened, saved, or when tube names are modified.

System logs note when certain system functions are performed, such as running QC, cleaning cycles, and modifying detector configurations.

User management logs note when changes are made to user accounts such as password resets or new account creation, as well as individual user login and logout.

  1. Support compatibility for experiment conversion from CytExpert v2.5 experiment files.
Bug Fixes
  1. Improved the channel naming rules to comply with the CytoFLEX series products and CytExpert 2.5. Users can choose to upgrade the software with the original configuration files and channel names will not be changed.
  2. Prompt user when deleting a gate used in sort logic of sorted tubes.
  3. Made the default number of “Events to Record” configurable.
  4. Display a distinct tube icon for imported FCS files with sorted data.
  5. Made the sample mixing functionality configurable per tube.
  6. Smaller bug fixes for serviceability and usability.

CytExpert SRT Software Release Notes

(from version

New Features
  1. Default Amplitude Setting

A new Default Amplitude Setting function is added under the Advanced menu.

Default Amplitude Setting

Users can modify this setting if the amplitude obtained after sort calibration is far from the original default setting.

By optimizing the setting, the start point of amplitude scan in sort calibration is changed to shorten the scanning time and find a better amplitude setting for the sorting.

  1. Default Sort Mode Setting

Users can select the default sorting modes for tube and plate sorting in Sort Mode Library.

Sort Mode Library
  1. Improved the voltage charging pulse of droplets of straight-down mode sorting to improve sorting accuracy
  2. Optimized the display of the sort report for index sorting.
  3. Improved the count down time displayed during sort calibration.
  4. Optimized some operations of index sorting plot and sort mode library to make them aligned with the operations of other plots and library settings.
  5. Added a vertical scroll bar in the QC report worksheet.
  6. UI improvement to avoid some operation errors.
Bug Fixes
  1. Sometimes sorting is not stopped automatically when the droplet maintenance is off.
  2. Sort time display in sort status may not be correct when sorting is paused. 
  3. Drop delay calibration may not be accurate if the laser delay of blue laser is not set to zero.
  4. The Unload button may not display correctly in some conditions.
  5. Some system settings are not appropriate, which may cause unnecessary failures.
  6. Correct text and display mistakes
  7. Some buttons do not display or function correctly.

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