Allegra X-30R IVD 100V, 50/60 Hz Centrifuge

Product No:B06323

This IVD variation of the X-30R can be used in a clinical environment. Refrigerated model cools from room temperature to 4° C in fewer than ten minutes and has an operating temperature range of 2° C to 40° C (35° F to 104° F). The X-30R provides excellent performance and easy operation in a compact design that saves valuable time and laboratory space with the highest speed and g-force in its class (1.6L max capacity, 18,000 RPM, 29,756 x g). Simple and quick run setup. Versatile, with an extensive rotor library for multiple applications, plus a compact Design of only 18" wide (46cm). Includes a BioCertified* swinging-bucket and fixed-angle rotors. Rotor details: Three ways to spin the 1.5 mL PCR Tubes; Biocertified* 24-place fixed-angle rotor - 29,756 x g; 30-place fixed-angle rotor - 28,672 x g; 24-place swinging-bucket rotor - 16,244 x g for flat pelleting. One rotor spins 500 μL to 1.6 L; 4 x 400 mL - maximum capacity; 4,700 rpm - 4,255 x g - maximum g-force; 20 adapters. Spins the following labware: 400 mL bottles; 250 mL bottles; 100 mL, 94 mL, 85 mL bottles; 50 mL conical and round-bottom tubes; 15 mL conical and round-bottom tubes; 30 mL, 25 mL, 10 mL tubes; 1.5 mL and 500 μL PCR tubes. *BioCertified is a term used to describe products tested and validated to demonstrate containment of microbiological aerosols by an independent, third-party facility (Health Protection Agency, Porton Down, UK or USAMRIID, Ft. Detrick, MD, USA). Improper use or maintenance may affect seal integrity and, thus, containment.

Product Specifications

Platform Allegra 21
Maximum Speed 18,000 rpm
Maximum g-Force 29756 x g
Acceleration 10 acceleration profiles
Deceleration 10 deceleration profiles
Timed Run To 9 hrs 59 mins or Continuous run (8)
Max Capacity Volume Range - 1600 mL
Refrigeration System Yes, CFC-Free
Drive Type Cooling Brushless Induction
Temperature Range(s) From -20°C to 40°C in 1° increments
Friction Reduction System Asynchronous 3-phase Direct Drive
Installation Category II
Weight 78 kg(172 lb)
Width 46 cm(18.1 in)
Depth 70.7 cm(27.8 in)
Height 37 cm(14.6 in)
Power Requirements 100V, 50-60Hz

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