S2096 Microtiter plate unshielded swinging bucket rotor

Product No:361111

S2096 Swinging-Bucket Rotor (Unshielded), Anodized Aluminum Major applications: Serial dilution of small liquid volumes. Plates: 2 x 3 Microplates and 2 x 1 Deep-Well plates For use in Allegra® X-30 Series centrifuges, Allegra® X-22 Series centrifuges, and discontinued GS-15 Series and Allegra® 21 Series centrifuges.

Product Specifications

Platform Allegra 21
Rotor Type Swinging Bucket (General Purpose)
Angle 90
Maximum RPM 3,000 rpm
Max g-Force 1,100.00
Number of Tubes 2x96 Well / x
Nominal Capacity 576 mL
rMAX 110
rMIN 70
Materials Anondized aluminum
Package Quantity 1

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