MET ONE 3400+ IT Networking Features

Networks so well so you don’t have to

MET ONE 3400+ HeroWe live in an interconnected world, but for many GMP regulated devices to share data requires huge software integrations and validation. The MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter has built-in, secure networking capabilities that are validated out of the box using our IQ / OQ protocols. A lightweight networking protocol securely protected via transport layer security (TLS) in the MET ONE 3400+ interconnects multiple devices and shares configuration and sample data in a secure and compliant manner. Ease the burden on your IT department with the new MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter.

Identical web browser experience to instrument for SOP configuration, user management, or training through a projector.

An instrument can be installed into a remote location and fully controlled for sampling via the remote web interface, allowing for central control or remote operation in areas where technicians are not permitted.

Better networking features

Machine Groups and Data Replication

Each MET ONE 3400+ assigned to a machine group will share user configuration, SOP configuration, and sample data to enable any machine in the group to have a complete view of the environmental monitoring status. A light weight protocol connects the instruments to exchange true uniquely identified copies of data and to insure all instruments are in sync.

Wireless Connectivity

The MET ONE 3400+ includes an 802.11b/g wireless interface with full security capability, including enterprise grade 802.1x certificate-based authentication using WPA EAP (PEAP, TLS, and TTLS variants) and WPA2/PSK.

Network Shares

Within the MET ONE 3400+, Windows Network Shares can be configured to allow a technician to generate a report and upload it to that directory. Windows authentication controls rights and access to the share using tools already commonly deployed in most enterprises.

Audit Trail

A GMP grade audit trail is included in the instrument, including information on logins, logouts, power events, sampling, electronic signatures, SOP updates, and other critical actions taken on the instrument. Built in filtering and reporting simplifies review and approval of audit events.

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