Facility Monitoring System

MET ONE online facility monitoring systems are scalable based on an open architecture platform designed to easily integrate with your preferred facility system. For viable and non-viable particle monitoring across a wide variety of critical process and cleanroom applications, count on MET ONE remote and portable air particle counters, environmental sensors and system accessories.


  • Streamlined integration with legacy systems 
  • Data silos housed within multiple systems eliminated
  • GMP industry compliance (ISO 21501)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 enabled software & test wizard for easy compliance
  • Wireless, Ethernet & serial communication options
  • Affordable site monitoring with MET ONE Model 3432 manifold



Choose a MET ONE Facility Monitoring System Model

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  • Project management, system definition & design, software customization, validation & installation services

Onsite Service

  • Largest global network with onsite services, including full ISO 21501-4 calibrations
  • Service agreement options for proactive pre-scheduled onsite calibration & maintenance (includes discounts for repairs)

Data Management

  • Eliminate validation, maintenance & upgrades for multiple monitoring systems
  • Centralize reporting by including non-viable particle data with other production data
  • Improve efficiency & data integrity

Product Specifications


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