Certified Free and Sterile Tubes

Whether you are helping to solve complex biological problems, investigating the causes of diseases or finding potential new cures, protecting your sample from degradation and contamination during your study is paramount. Sample protection when it matters most. 

Certified Free*  

  • Exhibit no detectable DNA, DNase, RNase, PCR inhibitors, or endotoxins
  • Prevents sample degradation and contamination
  • Double-bagged to prevent contamination during cleanroom transfer
  • Improve QC data quality
  • Ideal Applications
    • Genomics
    • DNA and RNA Sequencing
    • Exosomes
    • Proteomics

    *Based on sample results below detectable limits 

Certified Free + Sterile 

  • Sterilized via ethylene oxide
  • Includes all advantages of being certified free 
  • Pre-sterilized ready-to-use for improved workflow efficiency 
  • Eliminate need for developing sterilization protocol
  • Packaged in workflow based quantities 
  • Sterilized and packaged compliant with ISO 11135, and 11607 
  • Ideal Applications
    • Microbiology
    • Gene therapy
    • Biotherapeutics
    • Molecular biology
    • Cell culture
    • Plant and animal derived products
    • Algae

Styles Available 

  • Ultra-clear, open-top, round bottom
  • Ultra-clear, quick seal, round bottom
  • Polypropylene, open-top round bottom
  • Polypropylene, quick seal, round bottom
  • Polypropylene, open-top, konical


Certificates available here.

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Choosing the right tube or bottle for your protocol can be challenging. Considering your requirements and these factors will make your selection easier. 

Open Top Tubes

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OptiSeal and Quick Seal tubes provide a fast, reliable seal every time, with no tools, heat or closure verification required.

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