8-Channel Tip Wash ALP

Product No:719654

For washing Biomek FXp Fixed Tips. Includes drain/waste tank and Automated Labware Positioner (ALP) platform. The tip wash can be placed in the outermost columns and back row of the work area. The ALP uses the syringe pumps to utilize the system liquid for rinsing. The device will wash faster when used with the optional Biomek FXp Speed Pump (part # 719653). The Tip Wash ALP provides individual cavities where system liquid flows through each of the eight channels to clean the interior of the tips. Tip exteriors are cleaned as the system liquid overflows each cavity. Multiple tip wash ALPs can be configured for differing liquids or for specific pipettors.

$7,397.00 List Price - $7,397.00

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek FX
Package Quantity 1
Color Black
Finish Anodized coating

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