Next Generation Polymer Dyes: Enhance your multicolor flow cytometry panels

Polymer dyes are now common tools used to design multicolor flow cytometry panels, however, many existing technologies do have drawbacks. In this session, Lucille Lassalle and Brice Ezzouaouy will introduce SuperNova Dyes, a new generation of polymer dyes designed to deliver ideal brightness, minimal non-specific staining and an optimal staining index. Learn about the unique properties of SuperNova Dyes and how they might help improve your flow cytometry panels, and review staining data, comparing SuperNova Dyes to other polymer dyes.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the SuperNova fluorochromes, the latest generation of polymer dyes for flow cytometry applications
  • Learn about the unique properties of SuperNova dyes and their benefits when designing multicolor flow cytometry panels
  • Review flow cytometry staining data, comparing SuperNova to other polymer dyes

Who Should Watch?

A must for lab managers who are developing muticolor flow cytometry panels and are interested in the latest innovations in flow cytometry.