Webinar: NanoGBS—A Miniaturized Procedure for Genotyping by Sequencing Library Preparation


Davoud Torkamaneh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Université Laval


High-throughput reduced-representation sequencing (RRS)-based genotyping methods, such as genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS), have provided attractive genotyping solutions in numerous species. In this webinar, Davoud Torkamaneh, PhD, assistant professor at Université Laval, will discuss NanoGBS, a miniaturized, eco-friendly method for GBS library construction.

Dr. Torkamenah will discuss:

  1. Implementing an acoustic liquid handler in a genomics lab for cost- and time-saving benefits
  2. Decreasing genotyping cost by reducing the reaction volume for DNA library preparation
  3. Improving sustainability and environmental impact using tip-less liquid transfer

Using acoustic droplet ejection technology (Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler), NanoGBS libraries were constructed in tenfold smaller volumes compared to standard methods (StdGBS) and led to a reduced use of plastics of up to 90 percent. A high-quality DNA library and an SNP catalog were obtained with extensive overlap in SNP loci (96 percent) and 100 percent agreement in genotype calls compared to the StdGBS dataset with a high level of accuracy (98.5 percent). Combining NanoGBS library preparation and increased multiplexing can reduce genotyping cost per sample by 72 percent. This approach may greatly facilitate the adoption of marker applications where extremely high throughputs are required and cost is limiting.

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