Goldilocks & the Three Cells: The Art of Monitoring & Managing Cell Cultures

Take a walk through the cell culture woods with Dr Derek C Lenz

Too acidic? Overly alkaline? Or just right? Culturing cells is a subtle, dynamic process that requires constant monitoring and adjustment to maintain a “biological Goldilocks zone (BGZ).” This zone represents the delicate balance between cells, cell media, reagents and growth conditions. In this webinar, Dr. Lenz explains how cell volume data can be used as a surrogate means of monitoring other aspects of cell viability related to the “BGZ.” In particular, he examines how monitoring cell volume can be helpful for assessing cell activation and proliferation – a critical factor in CAR-T cell research. After concluding his remarks, Dr. Lenz participates in a brief but informative Q&A with webinar attendees. (Total time: 37:35)