Characterization of CRISPR Technologies Using Cell-Free Transcription and Translation and an Acoustic Liquid Handler


Vincent Noireaux, Professor, University of Minnesota
Aset Khakimzhan, PhD Student, University of Minnesota
In the last decade, CRISPR technologies have revolutionized molecular biology. In this webinar, we show how prototyping CRISPR components can be accelerated by combining a cell-free transcription and translation (TXTL) system with an Echo Acoustic Liquid Handler (LH) from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.

This presentation covers:

  1. Overview of TXTL and its applications
  2. How accelerated prototyping can be used to test sgRNAs, new CRISPR, and anti-CRISPR proteins
  3. Overview and specifications of Echo LH
  4. The speed and resource savings enabled by the Echo LH in a TXTL lab
  5. Echo LH and TXTL to characterize CRISPR enzymes and anti-CRISPR proteins
  6. Echo LH and TXTL to uncover fundamentals of target recognition
  7. Application of the Echo LH to accelerate CRISPR based genetic circuits

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