MultiFLEX applications in flow cytometry

By Assoc.Prof.Dr. Alfonso Blanco,

Director Of Flow Cytrometry Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research

When purchasing a flow cytometer, the lab manager needs to identify instruments with high performance and sensitivity that are easy to use and flexible enough to cover the needs of their diverse users.

During this webinar, applications in different scientific fields (human, marine and veterinary biology, agriculture, food science and nanobiology) will demonstrate why sensitivity and flexibility are so important when selecting an instrument. 

Learning objectives:

Participants will learn how to perform a successful flow cytometry assay by following some basic rules and optimizing the instrument.  We will see how optimization is achieved simply on the CytoFLEX platform (analyzers and sorters).  

Although one of the most common applications of cytometry is immunology, we will navigate through different applications from microbiology to agriculture, plants to nanoparticles, cultured cells to extracellular vesicles.  In short, the overall flexibility of the flow cytometer will be highlighted to demonstrate how flow cytometry is adaptable to address broad research questions.

Finally, we will discuss advancements in flow cytometry technology and how companies are developing products in response to customer feedback.  This will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback to us on your biggest challenges and the things you need to make flow cytometry easier.

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Research Use Only, Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About the speaker

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Alfonso Blanco is the Scientific Director of the Core Technologies and Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Technologies in the University College Dublin, European distributor and Instructor of ExCyte. Expert Cytometry, Co-Director and founder of the Cytometry Society of Ireland, past-Councilor of ISAC (International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry), President and co-founder of the Spanish Research Society in Ireland (SRSI), co-founder and member of the Red de Asociaciones de Científicos e Investigadores Españoles en el Extranjero (RAICEx), as founder and organiser of the Red de Citometría IberoLatAm and Scientific Advisor of the companies Sothic BioScience, Radisens Diagnostics and Java Clinical Research. Alfonso Blanco has been involved in the beta-testing of several products from many of the major manufacturers in cytometry. 

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