EMnetik System Videos

Watch these videos that explain how the EMnetik System replaces your typical column cleanup steps with a benchtop device. You’ll spend half the time on PCR cleanup compared to leading column-based kits, which means there is more time for the important activities in your lab.

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EMnetik Testimonials from BEC LS


EMnetik Product Overview


EMnetik Product Tutorial


EMnetik Product Launch On Demand


EMnetik vs. Columns


New Technology with EMnetik



Talk to an EMnetik Expert

EMnetik System Brochure:

   Genomics EMnetik Brochure Image

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EMnetik System Flyer:

  EMnetik System Flyer and Technical Specs

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EMnetik PCR Cleanup
Data Sheet:

   EMnetik PCR Cleanup Performance Data Image

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Alleviate Pain Points:

   EMnetik System Infographic Pain Points

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