TCR Vγ9 Antibodies

Vγ9 is the only functional member of the group II γ variable genes of the γδ T cell receptor. It is expressed by 0.5% to 10% of PBL in normal blood, representing around 70% of circulating γδ+ T cells. Therefore, Vγ9 positive cells are the major population of circulating γδ T cells. Vγ9 is mainly associated with Vδ2. The combination Vγ9-Vδ2 γδ T cell seems to recognize mycobacterial antigens. This sequence is also referred to as TRGV9 (based on the IMGT gene nomenclature).

Clone: IMMU 360 Isotype: IgG1 Mouse

IMMU 360 may be used in flow cytometry, immunoprecipitation, Western blot and immunohistochemistry techniques.

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