TCR Vδ2 Antibodies

Vδ2 is the human variable δ2 gene of the γδ T cell receptor. Vδ2+ T cells are the main population of the circulating γδ T cells. It is expressed by 0.5% to 10% of PBL in normal blood, representing around 70% of the peripheral γδ T cells. Vδ2 is mostly associated with Vγ9. This sequence is also referred to as TRDV2 (based on the IMGT gene nomenclature).

Clone: IMMU 389 Isotype: IgG1 Mouse

The IMMU 389 antibody gives excellent results in immunofluorescence and frozen sections. It also works in Western blot. It recognizes the γδ complex from the Vδ2+ T cell receptor (non reducing conditions), and the isolated δ chain under reducing conditions. It immunoprecipates the γδ complex of Vδ2+ T cell clones.

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