Cytokeratin Antibodies

Cytokeratins belong to the intermediate filament protein family and are characteristic of epithelial cells. At present, more than 20 different cytokeratins have been identified based on the original two dimensional gel electrophoresis classification. A sub classification, based on charge, divides cytokeratins into two subfamilies: the acidic (negatively charged) cytokeratin (type 1) and the neutral to basic (positively charged) cytokeratin (type II). They are typically expressed as pairs, consisting of one acidic and one basic molecule.

Clone: J1B3 Isotype: IgG1 Mouse

This monoclonal antibody exclusively reacts with cells of epithelial origin, and shows a cytoplasmic staining pattern. It can be used as a gating tool in flow cytometry to distinguish epithelial from non-epithelial cells. Multi-color flow cytometric analysis requires preliminary permeabilization of the cells with digitonin or methanol.

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