CD8β Antibodies

Along with CD8α, the CD8β polypeptide molecule is one of the two chains which can be expressed within the CD8 dimer. CD8α is required for surface expression of CD8β. The α and β glycoproteins have similar molecular weights of 32-34 kDa each. They form homodimeric (CD8α/α) or heterodimeric (CD8α/β) cell surface complexes. Most of human peripheral T cells express CD8 as an α/β heterodimer. NK cells and a proportion of TCR γ/δ T cells express CD8 as an α/α homodimer. CD8β surface expression requires the surface expression of CD8α. Consequently, CD8α can form homodimer but CD8β cannot.

Clone: 2ST8.5H7 Isotype: IgG2a Mouse

The 2ST8.5H7 monoclonal antibody reacts with an epitope formed by the combination of the α and β polypeptides.

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