CD370 (Clec9A) Antibodies

CLEC9A is a group V C-type lectin receptor (CTLR) comprised of a single extracellular C-type lectin domain (CTLD) connected to the transmembrane domain by a stalk region and an intracellular cytoplasmic tail. In humans, CLEC9A is expressed on the cell surface of a subset of Dendritic cells (DCs) and a subset of CD14+CD16- Monocytes. In dendritic cells, CLEC9A is selectively expressed on CD141+ (BDCA3+) dendritic cells. As opposed to other DC markers, CLEC9A presents the advantage of being expressed in both human and mouse DCs. Thus, it can serve as a DC marker crossing species barriers and may help in the translation from the mouse DC system to human immunobiology.

Clone: 8F9 Isotype: IgG2a Mouse

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