The DURAClone RE panels enable sensitive detection of rare abnormal cell populations in blood or bone marrow using carefully optimized and titrated antibody combinations. Discrimination of abnormal from normal B cells during early stages of B cell development in human bone marrow can be achieved through precise assessment of B cell surface antigen expression patterns. Normal and abnormal patterns in B cells can be defined by differential densities of CD10, CD19, CD20, CD34, CD38, CD45 and CD58 expression on the surface of B cells.

  • Combination of 7 markers for sensitive detection of abnormal immature B cells, including CD10, CD19, CD20, CD34, CD38, CD45, CD58
  • Pre-formulated antibody panel in a dry unitized assay eliminating antibody cocktailing
  • 25 tests per kit including 3 compensation kits with lot matched tandem dyes

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Expert Panels

  • Proven marker combination to detect small populations of normal and abnormal immature B cells
  • Open channels to add drop-in markers to modify for different research questions
  • Designed for assay precision and lot-to-lot consistency


  • Eliminate time spent in titrating different antibody lots
  • Avoid waste that comes from preparing cocktail master mix
  • Simplify inventory management


Easy to Use

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