DURAClone RE Antibody Panels

There are Events You Cannot Afford to Miss

Research into rare abnormal cells associated with blood disorders is a powerful but challenging flow cytometry application. DURAClone RE kits are optimized antibody combinations that accommodate either large sample volume or high cellular concentrations to achieve high sensitivity for rare populations.

  • Innovative – Include new aberrant markers such as ROR-1 or CD200
  • Sustainable – Rapid, economic and sensitive detection of rare events
  • Discriminative – Verified panel design enabling multivariate analysis


Your Clinical Research Trial Companion

The dry pre-formulated DuraClone RE panels, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature, enable the level of experimental rigor that is key to multi-centric and longitudinal clinical research studies.

High Sensitivity Through High Staining Capacity

DuraClone RE Kit

Target Population

Sample Capacity


CD5+ROR-1+mature B cells

300 µLwhole blood


Abnormal plasma cells

5x10leucocytes in 100-200 µL suspension


Abnormal progenitor B cells

2x10leucocytes in 100-200 µL 

Streamlined Multicolor Workflow

DuraClone RE kits provide the specified antibody panels as a dried-down layer in each tube. The elimination of antibody pipetting shortens the turnaround time, minimizes human error sources and eliminates repetitive workflow steps that are costly to automate.

DuraClone RE Features

  • Pre-formulated 7- or 8-color antibody panels
  • Dry unitized Beckman Coulter proprietary tube format
  • Expert-proven marker combinations
  • 25 tests/package with 3 compensation kits

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