Product No:B77691

AQUIOS STEM-Kit reagents consist of a CD45-FITC/CD34-PE murine monoclonal antibody reagent, a corresponding negative control (CD45-FITC/CD34-CTRL), an absolute count reagent (AQUIOS STEM-Count Fluorospheres), a cell viability reagent (7-AAD), and a ready-to-use lysing reagent (AQUIOS STEM Lysing Solution).

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity Human CD34+
Regulatory Status CE-IVD
Format Liquid
Flow Product Line Flow Routine Analyser
Clone CD34 clone 581|CD45 clone J33
Isotype IgG1
Volume 50 x Tests
Kit Components AQUIOS STEM Kit CD45-FITC / CD34-PE, AQUIOS STEM Kit CD45-FITC / IsoClonic Control-PE, AQUIOS STEM Kit 7-AAD Viability Dye, AQUIOS STEM Kit Lysing Solution

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