Scientific Services

Cytobank Scientific Services provide fast, expert analysis of large and high parameter single cell, bulk and integrated datasets. When you purchase our Services you get access to:

  • PhD-level expertise in bioinformatics, statistics, immunology, and biology
  • Expert machine learning analyses of single cell data and cross-data type integration
  • Experience analyzing data in oncology, autoimmunity, inflammatory disease, immunotherapy, and infectious disease
  • Cytobank’s secure and scalable cloud-computing resources or automated integration with other databases via our API

What you can Expect

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We’ll start by scheduling a consultation to learn about your data, experiment set-up, overall project goals, and the discoveries you’d like to make.

  • Scientific questions and/or clinical research context
  • Overall analysis goals
  • Experimental and data details
  • Special considerations


Our team will outline proposed project phases for the analyses to be performed and deliverables.

  • Outline of overall project goals
  • Project deliverables and budget
  • Approximate timeline for completion


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We will work with you in an iterative process to perform analyses, interpret data, and generate summary reports. Project phases are aligned with deliverables and meetings, which provide seamless opportunities for collaboration.

  • Data Quality Control & Pre-processing
  • Dimensionality Reduction & Data Visualization
  • Cell Subset Identification (Clustering) 
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Biological Interpretation


All project materials and deliverables will be accessible online on your secure Cytobank cloud. 

• Your data organized in the Cytobank cloud with a guide to easily navigate the steps of the analysis that empowers you to reproduce the results 
• Summary figures and reports provided in PowerPoint and/or PDF format
• R scripts to run automated analysis or data integration pipelines • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for running analysis pipelines


We will schedule a final project summary meeting to discuss these materials and results.

• Consultation with your Cytobank services team to discuss results and future directions


Please fill out the form below and we will get you in touch with your Cytobank Software Scientific Services Consultant.