AQUIOS Designer Software Release Notes


June 2023


AQUIOS Designer Software version is an update to version 2. This version provides an update to the software for compatibility with a new generation of syringe pumps used on AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometer.

What’s new

Compatibility with AQUIOS system/instrument

The AQUIOS Designer Software was updated to be compatible with the new syringe pumps.

Root cause and solution

When using AQUIOS Designer Software and running samples, an intermittent communication issue can occur. This issue can intermittently cause the instrument to become unresponsive and enter an inactive state.

The solution is an optimization of the software with this new software version.

What has been fixed

  • The AQUIOS Designer Software to perform with Instrument that has new syringe pumps.
  • Set the executables for AQUIOS, AQTools and ADS2 Software to Windows 7 compatibility mode.

End of support of prior versions

With the release of version software, support for prior versions of AQUIOS Designer Software is discontinued.

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