Release Notes

CytExpert Acquisition and Analysis Software Version 2.4

New Features


  1. The software shall support the detector configuration of the WDM Beam Splitter editable for the user.                      
  2. CytExpert software shall have the switch function for changing among the original configuration, beam splitter for violet configuration and beam-splitter for Near UV/UV configuration as needed:
    1. original configuration-> beam-splitter for violet configuration
    2. original configuration->beam-splitter for Near UV/UV configuration
    3. beam-splitter for violet configuration->beam-splitter for Near UV/UV configuration
    4. beam-splitter for Near UV/UV configuration->beam-splitter for violet configuration
    5. beam-splitter for violet configuration->original configuration
    6. beam-splitter for Near UV/UV configuration->original configuration
  3. IR laser shall remain turned off while using the WDM Beam Splitter.
  4. The CytExpert software shall be able to support geometric means for the statistics analysis and the statistics could be exported as CSV files.
  5. The software shall contain link to Cytobank in its menu. The link address:; Cytobank logo with link to Cytobank login or trial version.


Bug Fixes


  1. User cannot delete tube in user management mode.
  2. If current tube name is ①, click "New Tube", error dialog will be displayed.
  3. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



CytExpert Acquisition and Analysis Software Version 2.3

New Features
  1. Account Policies
    1. Password Policy
      1. Configurable expiration setting
      2. Configurable complexity and minimum length
      3. Configurable range limiting repeat of previous passwords from 12 to 24
    2. Application Inactivity Policy
      1. Following configurable period from 1 to 60 minutes of inactivity, password required to unlock
      2. Manual lock, password required to unlock
      3. Administrator unlock for User forgotten password
    3. Account Lockout Policy
      1. Account locks after configurable number from 3 to 10 of invalid login attempts
      2. Configurable account lockout duration
  2. Experiment Retention Period
    1. Per experiment or batch of experiment
    2. Configurable period from 0 to 99,999 days
    3. System controls retention of experiment within specified period
    4. Validated experiment may not be modified
    5. Experiment may be deleted after retention period
  3. Electronic Signatures
    1. Configurable signature hierarchy with up to three levels of approval
    2. Administrator defined approval hierarchy with customizable names
    3. Configurable number of signatures within level of approval
    4. Rejection of experiment requires repeat of signature hierarchy
    5. Completed signature hierarchy validates experiment and prevents modification
    6. Signature Log within an experiment
    7. User ID and password upon first electronic signature in a continuous session.
    8. Subsequent signatures within a session require the password only.
  4. New Permissions Added to Role Manager
    1. Experiment and FCS File deletion
    2. Experiment retention period assignment and definition
    3. Sign or Reject experiment
    4. Set-up (configure) signature hierarchy
  5. Reports: Printing Worksheets
    1. Headers and Footers
      1. Header includes experiment name and path within the Experiment Explorer (closed system)
      2. Footer includes the username, full name, unambiguous date and time including UTC offset and comment associated with the signature.
    2. Batch Print Multiple Samples per report
    3. Smaller plots permit four in a row on A4 page
    4. Comment associated with printout facilitating archiving and audit trail
  6. Audit Trails
    1. Backup and Restore
    2. Worksheet print
    3. CytometerSystem startup
    4. CytometerDaily clean
    5. CytometerDeep clean
    6. CytometerPrime
    7. Set retention period
    8. Set retention period options
    9. SignatureSign
    10. SignatureReject
    11. Account policies
    12. Rename/Move experiment
    13. Export experiment and FCS
  7. FCS file protection
    1. FCS filename is disguised in Windows directory
    2. FCS file integrity is checked in all three modes of installation
    3. Checksum generated for FCS files to facilitate detection of data tampering
    4. Verification of data integrity for FCS files
  1. Changed “Mixing Mode” to “Plate Mode” in Plate Type Library
  2. Custom Keyword SWVER added to FCS file
Bug Fixes
  1. Admin account Forgot Password function repaired for disabled account
  2. Repaired failing stop condition when using hinged gate with angle greater than 90 degrees
  3. Repaired application exception when using Test FAPD
  4. Illegal characters in Experiment Name repaired
  5. Update the IFU download URL in CytExpert Help pointer file
  6. Application exception when closing a modeless dialog on Korean-language Windows 10
  7. Missing information from QC report
  8. Repaired QC pass when sample rate is below 100 event/sec

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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