CytExpert software separates compensation and sample analyses into separate experiments designated .xitc and .xit, respectively.  The experimenter can choose which one to execute first.

Creating Compensation (.xitc)

  • Begin a new Compensation from the ‘File’ menu or the landing page. Navigate to desired file path and select Save.
  • A window with channel selection and sample type pops up.Select the channels and the appropriate sample type for each single compensation control.Select OK
  • Compensation experiment is auto-generated
  • Import the acquisition settings that you have optimized for your instrument or the experiment and run the compensation controls on these settings
  • Acquire the single stained compensation controls and position the positive and the negative gates over the corresponding peaks
  • Calculate compensation by selecting ‘Compensation Calculation’ icon (the very first icon on the Workspace screen) or by selecting ‘Compensation Calculation’ from the ‘Settings’ tab. Ensure that all gates are appropriately placed.
  • Save the compensation matrix as a comp file or as a compensation library.
  • The compensation matrix can be imported into a new experiment as .comp file or from the compensation library