AQUIOS CL Product Listing


Instrument Status Part #
AQUIOS CL (100-120v) IVD & CE B39101
AQUIOS CL (220-240v) IVD & CE B39102
Software Status Part #
AQUIOS Designer Software 2.0 CE B69476
AQUIOS Designer Software 2.0 - C04893
Reagents Status Part #
AQUIOS Cleaning Agent 500 mL IVD & CE B25698
AQUIOS Flow-Count Fluorospheres 100 tests CE B43611
AQUIOS Flow-Count Fluorospheres 100 tests RUO B96656
AQUIOS IMMUNO-TROL Cells 2 x 3 mL IVD & CE B23535
AQUIOS IMMONO-TROL Low Cells 2 x 3 mL IVD & CE B25700
AQUIOS Lysing Reagent Kit 100 tests IVD & CE B23538
AQUIOS Sheath Solution 10 L IVD & CE B25697
AQUIOS Sodum Hypochlorite Solution 4 x 50 mL IVD & CE B23536
AQUIOS Tetra-1 Panel 50 tests IVD & CE B23533
AQUIOS Tetra-2+ Panel 50 tests IVD & CE B23534
AQUIOS VersaFix Lysing Reagent 50 tests CE B43019
AQUIOS VersaFix Lysing Reagent 50 tests RUO C02059
AQUIOS VersaFix Lysing Reagent 8 x 50 tests CE B43020
Accessories Status Part #
AQUIOS Deep Well Plate 50 plates/case nMD B23502
The AQUIOS Deep Well Plate is a 96-well, conical bottom microplate that optimizes the sample preparation process in the AQUIOS system. The plate is a high quality deep well type, made of virgin polypropylene. Each Deep Well Plate has a unique barcode that is automatically read when placed onboard the system. This enables the system to track sample locations.
Option Status Part #
AQUIOSStand-Alone Workstation with Software   nMD B49616
The Aquios Standalone Workstation with preloaded Aquios system software is an all-in-one computer system with a 23 inch touch display and wireless mouse and keyboard. The Workstation can be enabled remotely (via network), such as in a nearby office or on a bench top that is not adjacent to the instrument. The Workstation has an Intel Core I7 Processor, 3.2 GHZ, 8GB RAM and includes Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition 64-bit and Microsoft Excel 2013 32B/x64 for professional use.
Color Laser Printer   nMD B31892
Lexmark color laser printer (C746N), 120v for high-quality color printing and reliable performance. Easy-to-use features and solutions increase efficiency. For compatible color laser printers in other regions, please contact your Beckman Coulter representative.