AQUIOS Standalone Computer Workstation with Software

Product No:B49616

The AQUIOS Standalone Workstation with AQUIOS system software is an all-in-one computer system with a 24 inch touch display and wireless mouse and keyboard. The Workstation can be placed remotely (via network), such as in a nearby office or on a bench top that is not adjacent to the instrument. The Workstation has an Intel Processor and includes Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (with a CD/USB to be installed).

The Workstation comes preloaded with the default AQUIOS Windows Operating System and is preconfigured with additional cybersecurity features to enhance the security of the data on your system. Enhanced security features include a workstation hard drive encryption capability, encryption of the database that stores patient demographics and results, application control that ensures that the system is configured to only run authorized software, and Support for Microsoft Windows 10 operating system updates that have been validated by Beckman Coulter and made available on the Beckman Coulter website.

Product Specifications

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