Optima MAX-XP Features

Designed as a total system, Optima MAX-XP ultracentrifuge systems, rotors and labware have been manufactured and tested based on unique system dynamics to ensure optimal performance and safety.

A versatile design combined with a wide choice of rotors, tubes and accessories make the Optima MAX-XP an ideal solution for traditional lab applications including sub-cellular particle separations and applications requiring high speeds and g forces with volume flexibility such as viral vector gene delivery and nanoparticle applications.

As with all our instruments, user safety is our priority. The Optima MAX-XP features a proprietary multi-level approach to biosafety offering reliable protection you can count on without compromising functionality or convenience.

Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Convenient touch-screen controls and easy-to-view display for gauging real-time speed, time and temperature
  • Customizable user interface allows personalization of easy-to-identify icons for up to twelve individuals, as well as sound and volume options

Innovative software

  • Advanced software with rigorous electronic record keeping including password-controlled access and complete audit trail documentation
  • Highly flexible enabling users to specify up to five steps, set multiple programs or delay start times
  • Multiple-language capability enhances productivity in labs around the world 

Unrivaled rotor choices for fast, accurate results

Innovative tube technology

  • Four patented tube designs for unparalleled productivity across a wide range of applications