ANATEL TOC600 Analyzer for Pharmaceutical grade water

This product is no longer available for purchase. Please consider the the ANATEL PAT700 TOC Analyzer.

The ANATEL PAT700 TOC Analyzer is the recommended alternative to sell in place of the TOC600.

The PAT700 has many superior features over the TOC600, in particular a lower cost of ownership through extended service intervals and stronger 21CFR part 11 features:

  • Emergency service call outs due to premature UV lamp failure have been eliminated because the PAT700 has auto-switching main and standby dual UV lamps combined with UV Detect technology
  • The PAT700 has a manufacturer’s recommended 12-month service and calibration interval verses 6 monthly intervals for the TOC600 (due to requirement to replace the single UV in the TOC600 every 6 months)
  • System Suitability is automated and uses RFID tags to eliminate manual data entry and manual calculations. Manual data entry and manual Pass/Fail calculations could potentially lead to human errors, compromising the data integrity requirements of the FDA guidelines 21CFR part 11.In case of cost concerns, a non-rfid PAT 700 is the recommended model to sell.
  • Improved 21CFR part 11 compliance with secure electronic record export via secure File Transfer Protocol over Ethernet and improved Password and User name control using Microsoft Active DirectoryTM.

ANATEL TOC600 Features


  • Easy installation, startup & operation
  • Complete & accurate sample oxidation
  • USP & EP 2.2.44 for TOC analysis
  • Measurement independent of flow rate, pressure & UV lamp aging
  • No reagents or chemicals required
  • Separate portable Standard introduction system for streamlined calibration, system suitability & validation testing

Value and Performance

  • Highly reliable, rugged all-metal design with proven stop-flow oxidation technology
  • Complete oxidation of an aliquot of water for compliance with USP Chapter and EP 2.2.4for pharmaceutical UPW applications
  • Multi-point calibration ensures an accurate calibration curve
  • Self-contained CSV module available to multiple users to maximize cost of ownership

Stable TOC Measurement

  • Each device capable of operating with remote control inputs
  • Up to 8 analyzers can be networked to one C80 controller for an affordable analysis system solution
  • C80 controller operates CSV Module & auto-calculates results for display, print & archive

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